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Elinesoft 21.03.2020 17:42:00 0
Trading robot Voyager 2020 is currently undergoing phase interface improvements
Good day!
If you remember, recently conducted a survey about the demand for fully automatic trading robot among the subscribers in our group telegrams (https://t.me/easytradingpw).

Trading robot Voyager 2020 is currently undergoing phase interface improvements.

The image below shows the starting window Voyager2020.
The concept of robot is to facilitate controls to one button.
With a choice of risk from conservative to aggressive.
Built-in risk management module and a Deposit.
Selection of only the highest quality proposals for transactions occurring on our platform Easytrading.pw.

Торговый автоматический робот Voyager от Easytrading
Trading strategy implemented on the platform Easytrading showed itself as stable and profitable.
Under the current drawdown only of the stock market, our analyst showed a loss of only 0.6%.

Voyager 2020 requires no intervention from the user. All work and all decisions are completely Autonomous.
The user is only required to start trading with one button.
In the case of a falling market (like recently), trade will be suspended.

Protection against such falls is provided by a built-in indicator of market changes, what I wrote above. If it goes into a negative position, the current trades are closed, new ones are not opened to the stabilization of the total background in the market.
And all this in automatic mode!

Starting today, available for pre-order robot Voyager 2020 at a reduced cost, and declares a set group of testers.

Go to the page of payment of the license Voyager 2020 for pre-order: <<Pre-order>>
After payment of prazacka, you need to inform your login technical support at: https://easytrading.pw/Support/

The table below shows preliminary cost Voyager 2020
С 17.03 - 24.03 - $100
C 24.03 - 31.03 - $150

After the release of the public test Voyager 2020 the cost will be $250.
At the moment we are working on creating an interface and communication of the robot with the main server to get tasks, and also tested the mechanism of trailing stop (rolling stop)
The release is scheduled for 06.04.2020.

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