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Elinesoft 28.12.2019 14:22:00 0
Our strategy controls itself
Now when you select an entry point, is a rating tool on a 5-point scale which is generated on the server side, and is calculated automatically.
By the way, is now working on integration with service Criptonoid, for transmission of signals to enter into their system. To go will be the inputs with a rating of five stars. After completion of integration will report the name of the analyst in order you could subscribe to signals (of course if you are registered Kryptonite)...
Tell me more how is the rating of the offered entry points for the strategy.
The rating is in two stages:
1) since the system statistically calculates the estimated duration of stay in position in the case of a positive outcome, this period multiplied by one hundred and from the current time is subtracted from this value. Get start time to calculate a strategy to work on the story. Next, from the database taken of the historical significance of results the strategy for that pair and timeframe, and calculated the percentage of positive outcomes.
2) calculated the performance prediction of this pair on this timeframe and if this performance does not exceed the current percentage probability of the forecast, the percentage of positive outcomes is divided into two.

Thus, if all two points yield positive and maximum result, the proposed point of entry is awarded the highest rating - 5 stars.
So, the simple way it to cut off low-quality forecasts and achieve efficiency up to 80% correct prediction.
As the market is constantly changing, the system ensures that the strategy was adapted to these changes and some tools are currently poorly practiced. But this method of ranking, rating - allows you to filter out those tools and give only those that work well.
It turns out that the system itself monitors and adapts to the market.
In order to beat out the market noise by stop, you need to make a minimum hopstop from the proposed values come in, and stop loss!

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