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In this article I will talk about our algorithm predictions @Londinium
In this article I will talk about our algorithm predictions @Londinium, который мы разработали и внедрили в торговый терминал Easytrading 2.0.
It is based on a unique principle predicting price movement, the subtraction of the results of the prediction in a specific timeframe and the addition of results from multiple timeframes. In the end we get a forecast with a given accuracy and now I propose to consider the results of the algorithm Londinium since the beginning of August 2019.
We published the results of forecasting prices BTCUSDT at the site of Binance. At the moment we test the algorithm and results published in our telegram group (@easytradingpw) and the group VC (https://vk.com/e_trading).
4 August we highlight the local growth rates and made screen with advanced forecast
which came true the next day:
On August 5, after analyzing the algorithm, we got the signal to sell and published a post with the following screenshot (https://vk.com/sbrean?w=wall151463624_449/all): img This signal is to lower the price movement predicted in the neighborhood of $10500. What happened a little later than we thought: img
Why failed to predict the date of onset of the fall? This is due to the algorithm. As for predicting the time of occurrence of the event averaged data are used, then the predictions of multiple time frames overlap each other and the date we can assume only approximately.
On 15 August we published a forecast rebound in the area of 10600 and a further decline in the area of 10,000 or less.img img
Also forecast a rebound came to pass after that was a downward signal, which on August 15 was expected img And he came out (rebound). img
Further fall is now in question, maybe nevozmojno to make predictions on dalnostroy perspective because of the variability of the market, but the ability to see near-term direction of prices - provides opportunities for open trade.
Thus, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the exact operation of the algorithm for the month of August.
Of course there are many nansov in reading the predictions and the correctness of their interpretation, we are also working on a comfortable setup in the terminal. A separate item is the automatic decisions to enter the transaction. We are working on improving the reliability and accuracy of forecasts. Also tested various hypotheses.
We ask questions, how and where to enter a trade and where to put the protective order. The answer is - it depends on your trading system.
In Easytrading 2.0 we have implemented a strategy to input on the break, the principle of exit is also provided an integrated strategy.
At the end of the development and testing of the terminal we will write tutorials on working with the terminal and conduct training webinars on work with algorithm predictions Londinium.
Working with the terminal could be anyone, but to activate an algorithm, Londinium, and use the built-in strategy can only holders of tokens ELST with a balance above 100,000 pieces.
If you are interested in our development and plan to become a user of the terminal using the full functionality and all the opportunities offered to them, purchase tokens in your account, as their price will only grow. After all, if you've read our WhitePaper, the cost of the token is formed on the principle of supply and demand. And the less free tokens, the prices are higher. Already, the price from the moment of start of sales increased by 28%.
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