What you need for trading?

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The answer is quite simple and known to all:
The answer is quite simple and known to all:
- strict adherence to the trading system
- the observance of the principles of risk and money management
- add to that the discipline, management of emotions, and the psychology of the trader

Non-compliance with these rules results in loss of the Deposit for more than 95% of novice traders.
Freedom, lack of discipline and spontaneity are punished by the market very strictly.
An increase in the proportion algorithmizing market participants in the form of artificial intelligence, inconsistency and carelessness in actions leave no chance for success.
High frequency trading is captured by the robots, where the reaction and emotions don't give people the opportunity to earn consistently.
All attempts are doomed to failure for a long distance.

Well, it turns out trading for the person has become a area where place for him?
Trade on lower time frames up to 1 hour, due to the above characteristics of the person are extremely dangerous for your Deposit.
However, position trading with trades from one to several days, this is an area where responsible approach to the process can bring profit.

Strict adherence to the trading system and the observance of the principles of capital management make traders who have come to understand that another way to capitalize on the market impossible.

How to come to this understanding and ability to adhere to truths of trading for individuals who are new to this field or those who have long and unsuccessfully attempts to maintain and increase deposits?
What additional tools to use to manage the Deposit and automation of the trade process?

It is obvious that solutions enough, and they all scattered, some actually are not effective or inefficient, are not always clear.
To solve the above mentioned problems requires a comprehensive and high-quality software.

Developing tools for trading 2017 and implemented several solutions, our team came to understand neobhodimosti the creation of automated trading terminal with integrated risk control, feature prediction and adaptive trading strategy.
The result was a developed trading platform Easytrading.

What is the composition of our product:
1 - collection of the history of trades with a large number of cryptocurrency and classic markets. Advanced automated Analytics.
24/7 our servers monitor the changes in exchange rates and produce analysis on the subject points to enter the market, forecasts price movement, calculate risks.
2 - the Client application Easytrading, in which the user decides on the basis of the algorithm of prediction and a built-in trading system.

The user need only initially to set the appropriate options risk and money management to choose the markets which will be a trade and to start to search for possible deals.
Starting from the specified settings, the system will offer a suitable entry point. Fall behind you just have to accept and choose the position size, which is limited current risk.

The server then strategies will take on its work in support of the strategy even when the terminal is off.
Taking before entering the market all the risks and possible amount of profit, the user can not affect the work of the strategy, only to cancel it. That solves the problem of human intervention under the influence of emotions and spontaneous decisions.
Limited risks in advance allow you to save your Deposit from the sink.

In trading it is impossible to influence the movement of the market, and the inconsistency and the emotions of a trader - the main enemies of successful trading.

In turn, strict adherence to a trading strategy is the key to a positive result for a long distance.
We invite you to try the proposed solution in your trade and know from my own experience that in trading there is nothing difficult and impossible.

The main obstacles in successful trading is hasty and erroneous actions of the trader as razvivaem in the jargon of the TILDE.
This factor successfully our trading terminal Easytrading.

A few words about the trading strategy built into our platform.
Having a history of trading the different tools that we learned dynamically to build relationships and identify patterns in the price movements and analyze multiple timeframes is that in manual mode the person not under force.
Calling our system adaptive, we mean its ability to adapt to changing market realities and to predict statistically the possible outcomes of trades.
Using the power of computers and algorithms, you get a market advantage before other participants.

You can't affect the market, but unable to predict the expectations and prepare for the negative outcome of the bidding, predicting and taking risks, and set goals for a specific trade.

To develop a convenient and user-friendly interface of the trading terminal Easytrading is not difficult to the average user.
And round the clock technical support will assist in configuring and advice in case of unusual and unforeseen situations.

Our system is constantly evolving, all users receive the updates automatically.

To start using our terminal is very simple:
Enough to have an account on the exchange, to bring the settings API keys in the terminal and start the search options to enter.
For individual configuration of the terminal has the advanced system settings.

Interface Easytrading translated into 90 languages. There is an affiliate program with the ability to build their own referral tree.

We will be glad to see you among our users and partners.
Welcome to easytrading.pw.

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