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Elinesoft 29.01.2020 17:40:00 0
Registration is now open to a closed user group
Today kicks off the set in a closed user group Easytrading trading terminal v2.0.
You can send a request here: https://easytrading.pw/invitationtoaprivategroup.aspx
For members of the group, will be held 4 webinars on working with the terminal.
On Mondays, at 18: 00. The first webinar 10.02.2020.
What awaits the participants:
Will demonstrate the capabilities of the platform Easytrading and Easytrading trading terminal v2.0.
You will be able step by step to start automated trading in the terminal, to learn about the tools of market analysis are built into the terminal.
The communication in the group will increase the efficiency of trade.
We will discuss the possibilities offered by the market, as well as to learn to earn.
Recently added analysis tools work strategy that allows you from the options provided to filter out most losing trades.
Avoid trading in pairs where the work of the strategy shows bad results.
Conversely, to select for trading only those instruments that consistently show a profit over time.
Work to implement the strategy assumes platform Easytrading.
You just need to choose from the options right strategy to study its performance on the history (it will show the terminal) and launch the job.
During group work, will be shown the stages of decision-making.
The effectiveness of the strategy is confirmed by the statistics of our Easytrading analyst in the analytical services Cryptonoid (https://cryptonoid.io/analytic/524/statistic).

And so, the purpose of the group:
- training to work in the terminal
- the exchange of opinions and vision of the market
- joint trade
- getting feedback from users to improve the terminal

Conditions of participation:
- connected option "Avtostrategiya" (required for the operation of the strategy and the joint trades)

How to join the group:
- Apply at https://easytrading.pw/invitationtoaprivategroup.aspx to 10.02.2020
- the cost of selecting "Avtostrategiya" for 1 year for the closed group: 25 000 (together 33 000)

Also, for private group members are individual terms for the affiliate program - 20% from all the payments your referrals.

Join the closed group Easytrading and invite your friends.
Affiliate ID can be obtained in the user's personal account (https://easytrading.pw/cabinet/Links.aspx).
The format of the link to send to your friends and acquaintances https://easytrading.pw/invitationtoaprivategroup.aspx?ref=XXXX (where XXXX is your affiliate ID from your personal account).

Regards team Elinesoft.
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