Frequently asked questions

What is Easytrading?

Easytrading platform designed to automate routine operations of the trader. Such as:
- analysis and forecasting of price movement
- search entry points
- calculation of size and position management

On which exchanges the system works?

At the moment Easytrading allows you to trade on the stock exchange Binance, will soon be available exchange Bitfinex, as well as Forex.

How to start trading?

You must have an account on the selected stock exchange, download and run our terminal. Enter the API keys into the terminal and to set the risk and money management. The system will offer the options to buy/sell.

How much can I earn with Easytrading

It all depends on the market. As the strategy built into the platform requires the presence of volatility because it depends on the size. But averaged, it's from 3-30% in a month.

That is able to do your terminal?

Our terminal is able to predict the prices of different tools to find profitable points to enter the market and to calculate the position size, than assumes the implementation of routine actions, but without which it can not to be success for a long distance.

How much is your terminal?

To become a user of the trading terminal Easytrading is completely free. Payment is only required for the connection of additional options.

You have questions? Ask our technical support.

Technical support