Terminal with a built-in module forecasts

Our algorithm will predict where will the price of any tool.
Will also show the entry point and the direction of profitable trades.
Protect your Deposit from the sink with the built-in risk control.

Download EasyTrading v2.00.031 Framework v4.7.2

Start trading today

We provide an automated solution for trading cryptocurrency with built-in strategies.
To start trading easy, just download the trading robot and start the work of the strategy.

Ready to work strategy

Our strategy is tested on different currency pairs and brings profit on the long and short trade.

A simple launch

To start trading you can also select the markets and push the start button.

Auto trade

The trading robot automatically adapt to the market and will trade fully automatically.


A simple launch.

What you need to start trading?

All you need is just to run the trading robot on your computer.

Our trading robot is a desktop application for Windows. Can run without user intervention.


Profitable trades





Supported platforms

Our trading system works with the popular exchanges, and the list is constantly expanding.

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02 brand
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Develop solutions

We continually develop profitable strategies
and you will get improved algorithms with every update.

Ready strategy

Built-in and ready-to-run trading strategies. The ability to create, edit your own vehicle.

Setup Autotrading

The ability to customize automatic trading without human intervention.

Sending notifications

You can get the notifications in telegrams, it is enough to add our bot in your contacts.


You can at any time to switch control from automatic to manual and take the implementation of the strategy under its control.

Analytics deals

Built-in log of the trader to analyze deals will allow you to identify the weaknesses of the vehicle and to make adjustments in its work.

Technical support

In case of technical problems with our app, the technical support team ready to assist 24/7.


View our how does the trading robot work.
This is a simple tool for trade.