Terminal for cryptocurrency trading

Screener криптовалютных рынков, алгоритм анализа криптовалютных сделок.
Search entry points with the calculation of risks and money management.

Download EasyTrading v2.00.077 Framework v4.7.2

Easiest way to start trading on the cryptocurrency exchange

Software Esaytrading suitable for professional and beginner novice to trading on the crypto currency exchange.
The main feature is the advanced algorithm for computing the best deals for cryptotrading.

Quick start

To start trading, it is sufficient to set the terminal to add API keys to your account on the crypto currency exchange to choose the right markets and click start button.

Advanced Algorithm

Our algorithm will suggest the best points of trade entry, based on the analysis of previous auction in history.

Risk and Animantion

The system will automatically exit the trade will prevent draining the budget and minimizes the risks of losing money.



Terminal Easytrading 2.0

Our platform uses a unique algorithm of analysis of the cryptocurrency cryptocurrency trades on all pairs and predicts the best point to enter a trade in the market at the moment.

This volume technical analysis of the calculations and definitions of probability, just not for a casual trader. Yes, and human factor in trading, never, never was useful.

So, if You want to trading has evolved from a routine into a profitable and fascinating process, choose our crypto terminal.


Profitable trades





Supported platforms

Our trading system works with the popular exchanges, and the list is constantly expanding.

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Develop solutions

We continually develop profitable strategies
and you get improved algorithms with every update.

Ready strategy

Built-in and ready-to-run trading strategies. The ability to create, edit their own strategies.

Setup Autotrading

The ability to customize automatic trading without human intervention and the terminal is off.

Sending notifications

You can get the notifications in telegrams, it is enough to add our bot in your contacts.


You can at any time to switch control from automatic to manual and take the implementation of the strategy under its control.

Analytics deals

Built-in log of the trader to analyze deals will allow you to identify the weaknesses of the trade and make adjustments in its work.

Technical support

In case of technical problems with our app, the technical support team ready to assist 24/7.


View how our trading terminal at work.
This is a simple tool for trade.