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Elinesoft 01.07.2019 23:13:00 0
Team Elinesoft 2017 engaged in development of tools for trading on crypto markets.
In two years we managed to implement several solutions in the field of algorithmic trading.
One of these developments is a trading robot Easytrading.

We have developed plaform, which collects information
on the auction and keeps a history on our servers with a large number of classic and cryptocurrency exchanges.
We build models on the history of trades for obtaining profitable strategies and implement them in our trading systems.

At the moment, we present to your attention updated trading platform EasyTrading v2.0, interactive
with multiple trading platforms, in the future, with classic exchanges (stock, futures, Forex).

How does our strategy?

Conducting real-time monitoring of the selected markets, our system analyzes them for the presence of a directional trend in search
temporary setbacks or corrections that are typical during growth for any currency pairs.

It is worth noting that our strategy works on both the rise and the fall.

Seeing a pullback in the currency pair, a trading robot begin to consider this currency on the subject of the search entry point (buy).
Purchase or market entry is carried out after the formation of Paterna continued growth and the robot makes a purchase,
setting a stop loss for fixing loss in case of wrong input. Stop loss level is determined automatically on the basis of
calculate on the history and characteristic for each currency pair.

After the transition position into the breakeven condition, pulls the trailing stop under the minimum high, in the case of trade in long.

For a short position, the situation is completely reversed, the trailing stop is placed at the maximum high of the last three candles
indented according to the settings obtained when the automated testing strategy in the history of this currency pair.

Thus, the profit is fixed at the time of slowdown and the next correction when price touches the stop loss.

This strategy shows the stability of profit on all types of markets, the main condition - the presence of a trend.
Search terms deals Easytrading trading platform in a fully automatic mode.

Release Easytrading trading robot v2.0 scheduled for August 1, 2019 in accordance with our road map now
is at the stage of active testing.

Our trade is constantly evolving and plaftorm the main purpose of our work is to create a comprehensive tool for creating
and calculation of mathematical models of strategies for different markets, their testing and implementation in the cloud.

More detail you can read the information in our A WhitePaper on the website easytrading.pw.

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