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Elinesoft 16.06.2020 10:11:00 0
Find out how you can participate in the promotion Easytrading.
The main objective of the project Easytrading is to implement profitable strategies in software products.
The automated adaptive strategy implemented on our platform at this stage allows no knowledge in trading to participate in the process everyone who can handle API keys in the settings eTrader.

Marketing and promotion of products to the masses is the main competence of our team. We expect that distribution of our products will occur through our users, through recommendations.
While all our production facilities are involved in the improvement of platforms and software products for users.
To implement the idea of personal recommendations, we have built on our platform referral system to build their own structures with infinite depth.
The percentage of the referral rewards can be adjusted for each user separately. The user receives a fee from all the payments your referrals.
In the process of working with partners the idea of brand eTrader for various projects. As a result, we have implemented this feature and almost completely automated this process.
Moreover, users modified and renamed eTrader will see any other name, changed URLs, logos.
If you are owner of any resource on the Internet, with a minimal audience and projected growth. If you wish to expand the range of products or services offered.
Take the opportunity of rebranding eTrader to your audience. At the moment, this service is free. You are only required to provide logos, links, the name of your future robot.
In practice, the implementation of this idea will take less than an hour.
Since we are fully occupied with market research, testing new functionality of our trading strategy and developing client interfaces, our priorities are not focused on advertising and promotion of the project.
We chose the path, where the demand for the product sells itself. To recommendations bring profit for our users, we have implemented a minimal and efficient algorithm.
Namely, the affiliate program and White label*.
If you want to participate in the promotion of our platform, register in the personal Cabinet, get a personal referral link and get rewarded for the recommendations from all the payments your referrals.
The technical support we can install for you a personal affiliate remuneration.

With hope for a long and fruitful cooperation!

* White label is a concept involving the production of unbranded products or services with one company and use of such products or services of another company under its own brand.

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