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Elinesoft 17.09.2019 12:12:00 0
Release date announced Easytrading 2.0
Официальный релиз торгового терминала Easytrading v.2.0
Good day!

Connected Elinesoft, the project Easytrading.pw!
We end the protracted testing of our trading terminal Easytrading and algorithm Londinium and is almost ready to release.
Became known otnositelnoy date is the 23rd of September, 2019.

We are releasing in the light of only a certain functionality which is ready to work and passed the closed beta, namely:
The algorithm forecasts
- Smart order
- The implementation of the strategy

In October of the next updates will be launched the ability to execute orders and strategies in the cloud.

As we already tested our algorithm predictions, we have accumulated statistics of its predictions and we wrote about it in the blog: http://easytrading.pw/Blog-post.aspx?category=Trading
The falling prices of BTC-USDT 29.08.2019 also was not a surprise and we successfully met.

The rent of the trading terminal

The terminal Easytrading will be available for lease for a year and the cost of rent depends on the connected option.
When podklyuchenii services prior to the beginning of 2020, the validity period will be extended until 2021 (in fact, until the end of 2019 to access connected services are free)

- 10000 ELST - trading History - the basic function without which it is not possible to work programs required to perform the analysis and forecasts of the search entry points into the market and so on
- 100000 ELST The algorithm forecasts - функция которая анализирует возможное направление движение цены в период, который гибко настраивается
- 50000 ELST - Smart order - возможность выставления умных ордеров, которые без участия пользователя реагируют на движение цены и могу выполнять заданные действия (трейлинг стоп, выставление стоплоссов и тейкпрофитов, даже если функционал биржы не поддерживает данную возможность)
- 100000 ELST - Avtostrategiya - automatic search of zmoznosti enter the market using statistical analysis of the history of trades, setting stops, take profit and so on.
- 100000 ELST - Cloud execution execution strategies and smart orders when the terminal is off, when the function is activated, the terminal acts as a remote control and sends the job to the server.

After the official release of the work on the terminal is just beginning and plenty of work ahead in implementing the variety of functions necessary for successful trading.
In the nearest plans of connecting Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitmex, and connect to the Forex broker and the classic exchanges for trading shares, futures, options, and so on.
Since our algorithm is generic and highly configurable, it does not matter the runtime.

As for the possibility of user connections for the terminal and the selected features - you must have a token ELST on the user's balance.
The number of free tokens ELST limited and the maximum estimated number of users does not exceed 200 people.
Therefore, once again remind you and invite you to purchase the required number of tokens in advance and please do not forget that the value of the token changes from number of free.

And so, we invite you to the premiere of the trading terminal Easytrading 2.0 webinar (the link you will receive a separate letter in the mail specified at registration).
If you haven't registered yet - do it now (To register).
Glad to see you among our users.

Success in business!
Regards team Elinesoft.
The Project Easytrading.pw.

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