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Trading strategy optimization and algorithm predictions
Welcome readers of our blog.
In this post of our blog I will talk about the work which was carried out over the last month and about the innovations that await our platform Easytrading.

Streamlining data collection with trading platforms
We decided to abandon the exotic time frames, like 80m,90m,160m, which are glued together from gathered and stored in our database five-minute candles.
Now we glue the multiple time frames an hour, which allowed to reduce the amount of server load and optimize it efficiency 12 times!

Trading strategy optimization and algorithm predictions
Was held a few hundred auto market studies on the history of testing automated trading strategies and algorithm predictions.
The study has identified key parameters that were optimized, which led to increase in average by 5% the accuracy of predictions and correctness of predictions profitable entry points in the position.
In General, the optimized algorithm of calculation strategies, which, coupled with reviving the cryptocurrency market, showing good results in real trading.

Connection to the service, Kryptonoid
We joined the intelligence service of Kryptonoid and send the signals generated by our platform after manual analysis.
Also, our analyst Easytrading (https://cryptonoid.io/analytic/524/signals) participates in the rating analysts of 5 days in a monthly ranking rose to third place among 170 analysts of this service.
In fact, the role of our system in signals is search and prediction of points of entry, and the analyst examines the work of the strategy story with the built-in tools, selects the pairs with unidirectional movement. The system also calculates the position size to enter in accordance with the specified settings risk and money management. That allows to reduce significantly the amount of routine actions, as well as to obtain statistical advantage on the market before other participants. Well and as a result a positive result trading profit.
Signals are sent via the IPA service Kryptonoid. Also, the signals can send all users of our platform, Easytrading and become a paid analyst, receiving additional income from its subscribers on Kryptonite.

Testing API Karens dot Com
After optimization of our platform in terms of collection and storage of data from different trading platforms, we are now ready to connect to the exchange licenzirovanie assets Currency.com on which the platform is currently trading about a thousand different assets.

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