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Elinesoft 19.11.2019 13:18:00 0
Our project is constantly moving in the direction of improved tools and user service.
Our project is constantly moving in the direction of improved tools and user service.
Today I will talk about what has been done for the period October-November 2019. And what are your plans for December.
In our blog there is an entry from 26.10.2019 called "future plans" (http://easytrading.pw/Blog-post.aspx?category=News
In it I talked about the upcoming transfer of the computing market analysis and search for transactions from a client computer to a server for centralized computation and facilitate the trading terminal Easytrading.
18.11.2019 we reported on the implementation of this phase of the work and has released an update 33 are available to all users.

What's included in this update:
- no history download trading terminal and the acceleration due to the release capacity customer premise equipment
- round the clock monitoring of all currency pairs (currently two stock exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex. Trade is possible only on Penance at the moment)
- build an index of market sentiment by analyzing all opportunities, which is built into the terminal. Allows in decision making to enter a trade. He is not a leading indicator, rather it is the temperature that a statement of fact. It is very convenient to understand the mood of market participants and to assess the possible direction of a transaction.
- validation previous forecasts in the terminal. The ability to evaluate the correctness of the algorithm predictions in the early periods of time and that, too, to conclude in transactions. It will be a very useful addition to trade.
- screener tool that allows you to conveniently select the right currency pair to trade. After having more than 1000 pairs, it is difficult to find those that are suitable for trading. It is convenient to use the processing power and the simple conditions to filter out unnecessary.
In General, we continue to work on the interface for comfortable handling with different tools and the terminal will continue to evolve. We have a long list of improvements that we introduced every day and the list is constantly updated.

Coming to the end of 2019.
- The introduction of cryptocurrency exchanges Bitfinex
- Implementation of market Forex (OANDA)

Engineering platform Easytrading.pw with the expansion of the list of trading platforms, we have provided the ability to add various markets in the trading terminal. Thus making our technology more demand for an increasingly wide range of users. Increasing our audience, we strive to create a community for the exchange of ideas and development of technological trading.

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