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Elinesoft 26.10.2019 11:43:00 0
Throughout the month we worked on the global improvement of our platform
Hello to all readers of the blog project Easytrading.
Long time no posts because we were busy with the implementation of the functionality which I'll cover in this post.
Throughout the month we worked on the global improvement of our platform, а именно переносом алгоритма выполнения стратегии в облако.
What gives?
Now when you run the terminal you launch the built-in Easytrading trading strategy for the selected pairs, after adjusting the terminal to work.
Namely, by making two sets of APi keys (one for computer and one for the implementation of the strategy in the cloud), adjusting risk and money management according to your needs and requirements.
Launch strategy and may close the terminal, since monitoring the market and the permutation orders will take over our server. This allows you to enter positions for a few days without worrying about the health of the trading terminal.
On the progress of transactions you will be notified our telegrams a contact in your messenger.

In the next post I will talk about our plans and what new innovations will be implemented until the end of 2019.
Join the ranks of our users and all profit!

PS: the Videos on our YouTube channel, where he presented the functionality of the "Cloud trading":

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