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Elinesoft 26.10.2019 12:10:00 0
we plan to implement on our platform until the end of 2019.
Hello everyone who reads our blog and is interested in trading!
Today let's talk about what we plan to implement on our platform Easytrading.pw until the end of 2019.

In the process of implementation of the function strategy execution in the cloud and getting feedback from our users, we came to the conclusion that our terminal should be a simple thin client.

What does it mean?
Thin client - a terminal or device that alone makes no calculations connected to the server that runs all functions. The terminal only displays information.

It gives users?
Using the concept of "thin client" allows you download and update the bidding history on the user's computer to support the work of the strategy and algorithm predictions.
Also removed the load on the user's device when calculating the entry points and projections. All this will now be run on the server, whose power can be adjusted quickly.
On the client side it adds simplicity when using our terminal.

We also introduce a convenient screener instruments, and you can choose any pair to trade by adding them and removing the unnecessary from your list.

The use of server-based computing allows you to implement trading terminals Easytrading in the form of a web page or smartphone app.

In General, there is scope for development of the project and much remains to be implemented.
And about the success in trading we publish posts in our telegram group https://t.me/easytradingpw.

Success in business and join the ranks of our users!

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