Новый раздел сайта "Analysis"

Welcome readers of our blog.
Today we will tell you about the new section of the site Easytrading.pw - Analysis рынков. Currently two exchanges for the analysis and prognosis of prices.
A predictive algorithm based on our algorithm and integrated it into the trading terminal Easytrading 2.0.
Let's see what is waiting for BTC in the near future http://easytrading.pw/analize-symbol.aspx?market=Binance&symbol=BTCUSDT.

The forecast for the current date can be recalculated in real time, while forecasts for the past days are fixed and remain in history.

Write your observations on how the algorithm works, we will study every request to improve our product.

Regards team Elinesoft.
The Project Easytrading.pw.

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