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Elinesoft 05.03.2020 20:37:00 0
We have developed and implemented in our terminal indicator of market dynamics
Индикатор динамики рынка Easytrading
Analysis of the cryptocurrency market on the changes in prices of individual coins does not assess the inflow and outflow of money in the market as a whole.
To assess the dynamics of the market, in the trading terminal we developed Easytrading integrated indicator of changes in the size of the market.
Horizontal line helps to separate positive from negative dynamics.
Green represents the value for the market USDT,white for BTC.

The indicator changes the size of the market allows to estimate the dynamics by volume of trading and price change, but according to a complicated formula which includes these components.
It is known that a sharp change in the value of the home cryptocurrency trading volume which exceeds 40% of the total, entails changes in the price of other coins.
To account for the contribution to the dynamics of change of the market from each coin, our indicator takes into account the percentage price change and trading volume.
Collecting all data into a single value, you can quickly and visually evaluate the inflow or outflow of money from the market.
Accordingly, the most favorable time for purchase at the beginning of the influx of money into the market, and safer to sell when the money starts to leave the market.
The current value of the indicator for the selected market is displayed in the upper left corner of the terminal.

Thus, applying this indicator as a filter when trading via the built-in strategy, the effectiveness of inputs increased by 10% when backtesting.
On individual pairs and all time frames up to 30%. In the terminal interface includes a tool to evaluate the effectiveness of the filter in a specific trade.

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