The short-term Outlook BTC-USDT

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Elinesoft 05.08.2019 12:32:00 0
With the application of the algorithm is visually clear where the price will be
Прогноз цены биткойна на август 2019
With the application of the algorithm projections see where the price is moving in the medium term.
This method of forecasting is ideal for short term trading and has high efficiency.
We are testing and finalizing method which is implemented in the terminal Easytrading.
The method works well both on small and on large time frame, the main condition - the presence of training samples to make a forecast of the price movement.
The results of this method of analysis and the forecasts we published in the public domain, in the Analysis of our website.
Everyone can get acquainted with it and to compare the results of past forecasts with the actual value of the prices of the instruments over time.
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